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Why Choose an Indian Homestay Over a Hotel

The  most important reason for staying in a Homestay is that it is much cheaper than staying in a Hotel and that leaves more money in the budget for taking up other thrilling activities on your holiday trip.

Save Cash To Spend On More Exciting Activities

 Every holiday has a plan, along with an associated budget.The planning starts much before, and the available money is allocated and divided for the various heads of expenditure like Air tickets, Accommodation, Taxi, Adventure Activities, Sightseeing, Meals etc.   There is no alternative to air tickets ,but, there also ,all airlines are checked, and prices compared and finally the most optimum is selected. The travel agent also plays a role so that the travellers get the maximum benefit-commission and points/miles.Normally people also check on sites like Expedia or Google(in my opinion Google Flight Tickets are the most economical) before talking to the Travel Agent and purchasing the tickets.

Cheapest Tickets Can Be Found On Google Tickets

Next on the list is accommodation and here the choice can be exercised between a Homestay and a Hotel.

Detailed Bills Which Give You An Unpleasant Surprise

  In a Homestay there are no hidden costs and luxury taxes.All Governments tax hotels at the highest possible rates and these have to be borne by the person staying in the Hotel. The Hotel Bills are detailed and there are many costs included which we do not anticipate and get an unpleasant surprise at the end. In case of a Homestay there are no hidden costs and no Luxury Taxes.

You can cook your own food rather than eating in the restaurants all the time which is heavy both on the pocket and the stomach.

Home Cooked Food. Light On Stomach. Light ON Pocket!

You also get to experience the local food if you are having a meal cooked in the hosts kitchen.If you are using the kitchen provided in the Homestay to cook your own meals you get the opportunity to explore various kinds of raw materials, vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry available locally in the markets and superstores, flavourings, spices etc.

The local street food can also be enjoyed and that allows you to savour the local flavour. For the same items this flavour varies from City To City To State To Country. Kebabs in Delhi are different from the Kebabs of Toronto.

A Homestay is safer because the Host cares for you and his reputation is at stake regarding your safety. For foreign tourists there is a formality of Form C which the Home owner submits to the FRRO authorities and that makes the guest more safe and secure.

You meet more local people during a Homestay and since they are living a normal life you get to experience the local culture. The sterile hotels with well trained staff have exactly the same atmosphere from Iceland to New Zealand.

When you stay with a family for some time they become your friends and sometimes the friendship lasts a lifetime.

Stay With A Family To See How They Live.

Excellent Options For Indian Homestay

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